"Apparel Designed

 for Kings of the Crossover."

The creation of the Crossover King® concept was derived from, “The Crossover” and has been around for many years. Many notable athletes in the NBA have showcased their talents relative to this concept. In gyms and on the competitive blacktop courts all across the country, athletes at the college, high school, and playground levels have also displayed their crossover abilities. This awesome move has become the most dangerous offensive ground attack known to the game of basketball. It is in honor of all the crossover ballers worldwide that Crossover King® Basketball Apparel was created.
The first time I ever saw a smoke-n crossover move was by the great, “Earl the Pearl Monroe”. It has become the only effective offensive weapon for
today’s ballers. ~ Mo Sidney
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Crossover King, Inc. is a company that specializes in the creation of sports concepts, logos and designs for men’s and women’s basketball apparel. Our goal is to meet the needs of an ever-changing consumer market in need of creative ideas and exciting new products. Crossover King, Inc. is managed by founder, Maurice Sidney and partner, Daryl Kingston.